About Us

Two brothers, one "working for the man" and the other a lowly machinist in a
valiant effort to escape reality and avoid any kind of real work start A to Z Cards
& Comics.

A to Z opened its doors
in 1986 with a mighty bang and has just kept on rolling.  
Our our core products;

    Manga Graphic Novels
    Super Hero Trade Paperbacks
    Comic Books
    Many Others
    CCGs  (Collectible Card Games)                                                    
    Magic the Gathering                           
    Action Figures
    Anime DVD's
    Collecting Supplies
    Card Protectors/Storage Boxes
    Comic Protectors/Storage Boxes
    And Much Much More...

Store Location

                                                        Located on 32647 Ford Road
                                                        Garden City, Michigan on the

                                                        south side of Ford Road near

                                                        Venoy Road.  Please stop in for

                                                        an unforgettable experience in

                                                        comic book shopping!

Store Hours

    Monday                   10-7
    Tuesday                  10-7
    Wednesday             10-8
    Thursday                10-8             
    Friday                     10-8
    Saturday                 10-7
    Sunday                   12-5

Store Info

    Address:         A to Z Cards & Comics
               32647 Ford Road
               Garden City, Michigan 48135

    Telephone       (734) 425-6780

    Email:             reabros@atozcardsandcomics.com